CC-295 Deployment Delayed To 2025-26

The CC-295 won’t be flying search and rescue missions until at least 2025 the RCAF has confirmed. The Air Force issued a statement earlier this month saying getting the new platform up and running is more complex than it anticipated. “As the project has progressed, we’ve gained a better understanding of the complex work needed to meet all the requirements necessary for the CC-295 to conduct its search and rescue missions,” the statement said. “This includes significant design and development, integration of new capabilities, testing, qualification and certification, as well as work required to deliver the necessary technical publications, courseware and support systems.”

The C295 is a mature platform that is certified by civilian and military authorities all over the world but Airbus made more than 30 design changes to meet Canada’s search and rescue requirements and not all of them have worked out. “In the process of the development, unforeseen technical challenges have been identified that are taking Airbus and its sub-contractors time to resolve,” the statement said. The RCAF will carry on using CC-130 Hercules for search and rescue and will station two Hercs in Comox to compensate for the retirement of the CC-115 Buffalo earlier this year.