CF-18 Demo Paint Scheme Revealed

The RCAF has released the design scheme for its 2018 CF-18 demo aircraft, this year honouring the 60th anniversary of the North American Aerospace Defence Command. Each year the Air Force’s graphic designer Jim Belliveau uses a CF-18 as his canvas to mark an important milestone in Canadian aviation or military history. Canada has been a partner in the defence shield since its inception and CF-18s have done numerous intercepts of foreign aircraft skirting Canadian airspace.

The RCAF describes the paint scheme this way: “Elements from NORAD’s logo – lightning bolts, a north-pointing sword, the globe, and silver stylized wings that evoke both the northern lights and radar sweeps. Taken together, the motif is undeniably symbolic of NORAD’s ongoing commitment to the protection and defence of North American airspace, and the RCAF’s role in guaranteeing Canadian sovereignty.”