Check NOTAMs, Please

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is reminding pilots to check NOTAMs even if they’re just planning a local flight during the busy summer season. The appeal came after there were 16 violations of the closed airspace around the Borden Air Show on the June 2-3 weekend. One aircraft was responsible for several of them. The incursions required interruption of the performances of both the CF-18 and Snowbirds demonstrations. “These performers concentrate on their airshow routine, not on looking out for small aircraft intruding in their restricted, protected airspace,” said COPA spokesman JC Audet. The NOTAM was published and distributed well in advance of the show.

Meanwhile, pilots are advised to be particularly mindful of the huge area of closed airspace surrounding the G7 Summit at Charlevois, Quebec. The consequences of busting that airspace could be a lot more serious than the sanctions faced by the pilots who violated the Borden restrictions. Television coverage of the arrival of President Donald Trump showed a variety of armed aircraft on the ramp at CFB Bagotville, including V-22 Ospreys. Check the NOTAMs