CSeries Flies

Bombardier flew the first example of the CSeries Sept. 17 and everything seemed to go well. The aircraft departed Mirabel just before 10 a.m. local time and the aircraft was flown to 12,500 feet.

Bombardier's CSeries airliner took its first flight Monday.
Bombardier’s CSeries airliner took its first flight Sept. 17.

Porter Airlines CEO Robert Deluce was apparently among the attendees (there was a Porter Q400 on the ramp) and local and aviation media were invited.

The aircraft took a 150-minute hop and got to 12,500 feet and flew about 350 knots. The flight was by the book according to the test pilots.

“​In many ways, we didn’t learn anything new; we validated everything we did know,” said Chief test pilot Chuck Ellis.

Bombardier has three more test articles under construction and the test program will likely continue aggressively now that the first flight is out of the way.