Smoke Evacuates RJ At Pearson

Sept. 28/13-The Jazz Aviation LP Bombardier CL-600-2D15 (JZA8859, C-GLJZ) was on the landing roll on runway 05 at Pearson Airport in Toronto when the crew received a “RIGHT PACK OVERHEAT” caution message. Shortly after, the cabin crew contacted the Captain to report heavy smoke in the cabin. The Captain stopped the aircraft on taxiway AK, contacted ATC, and requested ARFF. In the meantime, a “RAPID DEPLANEMENT” was ordered over the PA. The Captain went into the cabin and noticed the smoke starting to dissipate and returned to the cockpit to coordinate communications with the airport emergency response agencies and company dispatch. During the walk around the crew discovered that some passengers had used the right over-wing emergency exit to evacuate the aircraft. Three passengers received minor injuries during the evacuation. Subsequently, the operator downloaded the CVR and FDR to determine sequence of events and made the information available to the TSB if requested. The #2 Air Cycle Machine (ACM) was found seized and was replaced. Subsequent engine runs with ACMs operating found no further faults. Maintenance also replaced all of the cabin emergency light power supply units. The aircraft was returned to service.