Dash-8 Runway Excursion

Oct. 3/14- The Sky Regional Airlines DHC-8-400 (flight 7519, registration C-FSRN) was landing on runway 26 at the Toronto/Billy Bishop Airport in light rain. The aircraft touched down approximately 1000 feet from the threshold of runway 26, however did not slow in a timely manner. As the aircraft approached the departure end of runway 26, it became apparent that a runway excursion was possible. The flight crew attempted to steer the aircraft toward taxiway ALPHA, using both differential braking and the tiller system. The flight crew lost control of the aircraft; it skidded and veered approximately 150 degrees to the starboard side. The aircraft came to rest in the area of taxiway ALPHA and runway 26/08 intersection, facing a heading of 050 degrees. There were no injuries nor any damage to the aircraft reported. The incident occurred October 3, 2014, however the TSB was not notified until October 31 2014.