Delta Airlines – Airbus 330-300 – Engine Issue


N804NW, an Airbus 330-300 aircraft operated by Delta Airlines, was conducting flight DAL75 from Amsterdam/Schiphol, Netherlands (EHAM) to Atlanta/Hartsfield-Jackson Intl, GA (KATL) with 13
crew members and 293 passengers on board. While in cruise flight, the flight crew reported vibrations in the number 1 engine, which exceeded 10 units. The vibrations ceased when the power was reduced to idle. The flight crew declared a PAN PAN and diverted to Goose Bay, NL (CYYR) where the flight landed without further incident with the number 1 engine remaining at idle.

Maintenance personnel observed metal in the tailpipe and proceeded to change the engine. The faulty engine was sent for examination and failure identification. The aircraft was released back to service.