FAA Certifies Tecnam Diesel

The latest entry into the certified light aircraft market is the P2010 TDI, manufactured by Tecnam. The Italian company offers a wide range of light twin and single-engine aircraft, including the P2010 series. What makes this newest variant is its powerplant. The 170-hp Continental CD-170 diesel engine will propel this single-engine, fixed-gear high-wing aircraft along at up to 140 knots while sipping only 5.2 gallons of either Jet-A or diesel fuel per hour at 10,000 feet. The 122 cubic-inch liquid-cooled, FADEC-controlled turbocharged diesel performs well at higher altitudes too, with a maximum ceiling of 18,000 feet. And with a 63-gallon fuel tank, the potential range and endurance of the P2010 TDI are remarkable.

As with the rest of the P2010 variants, the airplane sports a composite fuselage with metal wings and landing gear. The four-seater comes with three passenger doors, easing passenger and crew access. A fourth door accesses the baggage compartment. Furnished as it is with electrically adjustable seats and leather upholstery, it reminds one of an exotic Italian luxury sports car. The cockpit employs Garmin glass.

Maximum takeoff weight of the TDI is 2,646 lb and standard empty weight is 1,808 lb, yielding a useful load of 838 lb. Length is about 26 feet and wingspan is almost 34 feet. The cabin width is comparable to a Cessna 182 at around 44-45 inches.