Feds Loan $52 Million to Thompson Airport

The Canada Infrastructure Development Bank (CIB) announced this week that it has reached an agreement with northern Manitoba’s Thompson Regional Airport Authority (TRAA) to lend it $52 million for the redevelopment of the airport, including the replacement and upgrading of the airport’s terminal building, which is currently sinking in the melting permafrost. Municipal infrastructure such as sewer lines, and expanded service roads and parking lots are included in the project, as are new a new apron and taxiways.

“The [airport] serves as a lifeline to remote and Indigenous communities in northern Manitoba and western Nunavut,” said CIB’s CEO Ehren Cory. “The CIB’s loan will enable the redevelopment of the airport, ensuring the needs of the Indigenous communities who rely on, and air carriers that serve, the airport, are met.”

The airport (CYTH) serves 37 northern communities, of which 15 are remote indigenous communities accessible only by air or ice roads.

“This infrastructure will serve the region for accessibility to health care, goods and services, justice, education, sports and recreation,” said Keewatin Tribal Council Grand Chief Walter Wastesicoot.