Feds to Invest $350 Million in Sustainable Aviation Innovation

Minister Champagne . Photo credit: Mireille Goyer

François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s minister of Innovation, Science and Industry announced in Paris the creation of the Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Technology program, or INSAT, that aims to accelerate the development and adoption of ‘green’ innovation of the country’s aviation and aerospace industries. It will involve small and large companies across Canada and will focus on both hybrid and other means of propulsion, aircraft architecture and systems integration, the transition to alternative (i.e., greener) fuels and aircraft support infrastructure and operations.

The announcement was made while Champagne was in France for the Paris Air Show. In a press release issued by the minister’s office, the department states the program was created in response to recommendations from the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC). It goes on to state that Canada’s aerospace industry contributes around $27 billion and over 210,000 jobs to the national economy.

“Today’s $350 million investment to support [INSAT] will help drive and accelerate the green industrial transformation of Canada’s aerospace industry,” said Champagne.Added AIAC CEO Mike Mueller, “This new ecosystem will be the catalyst for critical aerospace innovation, propelling the industry forward toward sustainable aviation and ensuring a global leadership position for Canada.”