Flair Expands Again

Flair Airlines now says it will have 12 Boeing 737s in the air by early 2019 as it tries to establish a foothold in the ultra low cost carrier (ULCC) market as competition looms from WestJet’s Swoop. The Kelowna-based airline announced Friday it will run scheduled flights into Vancouver, Toronto and the rapidly growing Okanagan Valley city of Kelowna. “Flair is making significant strides, operating as the only ULCC in Canada,” said VP of Commercial Operations Chris Lapointe. “Over the last six months we have expanded our route network, we have increased our aircraft fleet by purchasing two more Boeing 737-400s, we have entered onto the Global Distribution System making it easier for customers to purchase air tickets, and so we are now excited to bring our low fares to these new markets.”

Flair will fly direct from Toronto to Edmonton seven days a week with one-stop service to Vancouver four days a week and Kelowna three days a week. There will be direct service from Vancouver to Edmonton  and Kelowna four days a week with one-stop service to Toronto four times a week. Other airports served include Hamilton, Winnipeg and Abbotsford.