Flights To Nunavut Severely Restricted

There are no COVID 19 cases in Nunavut and the territorial government is doing its utmost to keep it that way. Under the most severe travel ban enacted in Canada, the territory has closed the door to non residents, except critical workers and the returning residents have to go through a 14-day isolation in hotels in either Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton or Yellowknife. The essential workers are being interviewed about their exposure history and get medical checks before they are allowed to travel to the territory according to the CBC. They will be seated in a separate section at least two rows from returning residents.

The rules were put in place March 24 so the isolation period is ending for the first 286 of those residents who want to go home this weekend. Their unusual travel experience will continue until they go through their front doors. Before their flights they will get medical checks. Then, they will be picked up and driven to the airport in sanitized vans. At the airport they will be escorted through security and supervised at the gate until boarding. “There will be no stopping at Timmy’s,” said Nunavut Health Minister George Hickes. “They’re escorted all the way through the entire process and kept separate.”