Floatplane Forced Landing

July 17/14-The float-equipped U.S. registered Cessna 185E, N1917U, was on a private VFR flight from Sand Point, ON (CJD6) to Sesaganaga Lake, ON. The aircraft was flying at 3000 feet ASL when the engine (Continental IO-520) began running roughly. The mixture was enriched and the engine operation smoothed out. The oil temperature, oil pressure and cylinder head temperatures appeared normal. Approximately 5 minutes later, the engine lost power. An in-air attempt to restart the engine was unsuccessful and a forced landing was conducted on the water of Grit Lake, ON, located approximately 10 nm SE of Ignace, ON. The aircraft was not damaged and the pilot and passenger were uninjured. An accompanying aircraft relayed the position of the forced landing to search and rescue and the 2 aircraft occupants were rescued by OPP helicopter. There was oil on the front float spreader bar.