FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) for activation of its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (“AFIRS(TM)”) 228 on the Boeing 767 – 200/300 series aircraft from Transport Canada.

FLYHT had previously announced the receipt of a ‘Provisions STC’ for the Boeing 767 series aircraft from Transport Canada, on October 11, 2012,. This was the first step in enabling existing and future customers to take advantage of the additional features of the AFIRS 228.

storeiconThe company has activation STCs for 42 aircraft types for either/or AFIRS 220 and 228 products. The company continues to develop STCs for numerous aircraft types.

AFIRS 228 is FLYHT’s next-generation flagship product. AFIRS 228 will be the first safety-services certified platform on the planet to provide ‘black box’ data streaming to ground stations in real time, via FLYHTStream(TM), FLYHT’s patent pending solution, designed to provide a fully certified avionics platform capable of meeting all air navigation communications requirements in Europe, North America and other jurisdictions around the world. It also provides the input and outputs necessary to enhance the value of real-time data for FLYHT’s customers globally.