Fury Furor

There are so few aircraft with elliptical wings, I guess I had fallen into the cozy trap of merely glancing at the planform to confirm that the aircraft in a photo is a Spitfire. That trap sprung spectacularly on me with the use of an image of a Hawker Sea Fury instead of a Spitfire in the interesting story of Canadian war ace Buzz Beurling in the Nov.-Dec. issue of Canadian Aviator (pg. 37).  For the record, we check and double check the magazine for errors and we know that some slip through in every edition but not usually whoppers like this one. So, my apologies for the mistake and my thanks for the good humour shown by most of those of you who caught the error. Incidentally, most folks thought the plane in the photo is a Hawker Tempest but it’s actually a privately owned Sea Fury based in the U.K.

And while we’re at it, we incorrectly stated in last week’s newsletter that in-cockpit weather and traffic advisories are available at High River Airport. The service will, in fact, be available in 2022.

Russ Niles


Canadian Aviator