Gaetan Boudreau

Flight Date: July 07, 2014
Flight School: Brampton Flight Centre
Flight Instructor: Madeline Koby

Message:The flight went very well as planned.

My first solo was at an uncontrolled airport (Brampton, ON). After a few circuits with my instructor, I felt good and she decided I was ready. I taxied to the apron, shutdown the engine and let her off so I could start everything from the beginning. This time it was only me in the cockpit. Instead of my instructor, I had my CFS and maps in the right seat. They wouldn’t remind me “Right rudder! Right rudder!” or “No steep turn”. It was all up to me.

I felt very relaxed and serene being alone in the cockpit. I did everything the same. I went through all my check lists aloud. It gave me re-assurance to speak out loud. When I got to the runway, I had to let five other airplanes land before I could line-up on runway 33. It was a beautiful day and the circuit was busy! I proceeded with my radio call and took off. In my head I was savoring the moment telling myself how cool that was!

I was very well prepared by my instructor and I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt confident. I was relaxed and spotting all the airplanes around. Everything went perfectly and I had plenty of time. When it was time to turn Base, I saw another plane on Final and I knew I couldn’t turn because I would cut him off. So I extended my Downwind like I was taught and made extra radio call on my extended Final to make sure everyone else knew where I was.

My landing was good and I proudly taxied back. I made it. I flew a plane by myself at 49 years old for the first time. I can call myself a pilot! Thanks to my patient instructor Madeline.

An extra cool thing is that my 16 year old daughter is taking her PPL at the same time and was actually in the circuit flying another airplane. She would solo 2 days later. Check out her story