Julie Boudreau

Flight Date: February 17, 2014
Flight School: Brampton Flight Centre
Flight Instructor: Claire Buxton

Message: My first solo flight was as incredible as I thought it would.
My first solo was at Brampton Flight Center, the only private club to own their own airport in the country, which happens to also be uncontrolled. I had kept on getting close to flying solo but every time it was in reach, my school work or other activities would get in the way, but this time after only a couple of circuits my instructor finally said “taxi to the apron” which I knew meant that I was going to solo. Even as she got out of the plane she was giving last minute reminders, like a mother would do if there kid was going off to college. As I closed the door and did my checklist out loud, I was excited, but still a bit nervous. I was going to fly a plane alone. No more my instructor to remind me “Watch your airspeed”, “right rudder”, it was just me and my flight bag. As I waited to take position on the runway, I knew that all my training was going to finally be put to the tested. I pushed the throttle full power, waited for my rotate speed and …took-off! I was flying, but I wasn’t even thinking about it, it felt so right. As I turned for base I heard “Zulu Golf Bravo is turning left downwind for runway 33” and I knew it was my dad flying behind me in the circuit, still watching over me. He had done his first solo just two days before. I landed and taxied off. Then I realised I just flew a plane alone at 16, before I can even drive a car alone!
After parking the airplane, I get to the lounge and when my dad walks in he congratulates me, and ask how it went, all I can say is it was exhilarating. Even though he had soloed two days before me, I still get the bragging right of saying I was able to solo with 12 hours less; although I say its only because I’m younger and learn faster. After all, he is the one paying for both airplane rentals and lessons…
I arrived to school the next day and when my teachers ask me how my long weekend went, I can proudly say that I flew a plane by myself and that I can really call myself a pilot.