Gear Down Landing Wrecks Icon

One of a handful of Icon A5 aircraft in Canada was destroyed in a landing mishap on Okanagan Lake earlier this week. The aircraft, a U.S.-made Light Sport amphibious design, was landing on the lake when the pilot apparently forgot to raise the landing gear. The plane flipped on touchdown and the 71-year-old pilot and his 59-year-old passenger were slightly injured. They were picked up by a nearby boat and taken to shore.

Photos showed the aircraft upside down in the water with the landing gear out of the wings. The Icon has been involved in some high-profile accidents including one that killed former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay. It is marketed as an “adventure” aircraft. The plane in the Okanagan Lake incident is registered in the U.S. but owned and flown by a Calgary resident who has a home in Kelowna.