Glider, Tow Plane Collision Kills Two

Two occupants of a glider were killed after it collided with a tow plane and crashed in southern Alberta on Friday. The crash occurred in the air near the Cu Nim Gliding Club, about 60 km south of Calgary. The tow plane was a Cessna 182 and the glider, a Scleicher ASK 21. The club’s Web site lists a 182 as its tow plane but does not list the glider in its fleet. Private owners also use the intersecting grass runways and the towing service.

Circumstances of the crash are not clear but photos show the 182 parked at the side of one of the runways and the wreck of the glider in another location. The occupants of the glider were pronounced dead at the scene. The pilot of the 182 was assessed but not taken to hospital.