Go-Around Prompts Concern

A routine go-around by an Encore crew turned into a breathless account of a near-death experience by a Saskatoon passenger who told the CBC he may never fly again because of it. Desmond Short was clearly terrified when the Q400 had to abort its landing at Saskatoon to allow a Cessna 152 to clear the runway. The flight landed normally a few minutes later after Short said one of the pilots explained the need for the change of plans. But Short was clearly traumatized by the circumstances and got hold of the CBC.

“It really didn’t hit me until the next day that I almost died,” Short told a reporter. “I don’t know how many people have actually taken it as far to realize that if we had hit that plane, [there’s a] good chance none of us would be able to tell any stories.” The reporter did take the time to contact the airline and the Transportation Safety Board (TSB), whose representatives explained clearly that there was never any danger to anyone (except perhaps to the ego of the student in the 152), but that wasn’t enough to spike the story. The TSB also told the CBC that while the go-around was reported as an occurrence, it will not be investigated because there was no danger of conflict.