Harbour Air Moving Ahead With Electric Fleet

Harbour Air is partnering with electric flight pioneer André Borschberg’ H55 to move to an all-electric fleet of floatplanes. The company said this week that the two companies along with the electric motor developer magniX, “will collaborate together with Transport Canada to certify the installation of the magniX electric propulsion unit and the H55 enhanced battery system, transforming Harbour Air’s seaplanes into an all-electric commercial fleet.”

Harbour Air and magniX caught world attention in 2019 by flying an electrically powered Beaver and the continuing flight test program led to the collaboration with Borschberg, who spearheaded the Solar Impulse solar powered aircraft circumnavigation. “H55 will provide its proven modular battery technology to expand the eBeaver’s balance to weight ratio and endurance,” Harbour Air said in a news release. “The company’s battery modules have one of the highest energy densities on the market and will provide the entire energy storage system and redundant battery monitoring at the cell level for the eBeaver.”

Borschberg said his company can help Harbour Air and magniX commercialize electric aviation.  We all understand that the path to electric aviation is complicated. But at the same time by joining forces, our combined experience will lead to quicker certification,” Borschberg said. “And this in turn will offer a fast and safe way to reach the market and popularize electric aviation.”