Helicopter Crew Leads Searchers To Missing Boy

The Ontario Provincial Police has released video shot by one of its helicopters showing how its crew guided rescuers to the location of a missing six-year-old boy. The boy went missing in Sauble Beach about 6:30 p.m. and an initial search of the immediate area came up empty. About midnight, the OPP helicopter crew spotted the child with their sensor suite and had to lead rescuers to his location using a technological adaptation of a breadcrumb trail.

The ground searchers were unable to locate the boy in a copse of trees so the helicopter crew used a laser to lead them the right way. The laser was brightly illuminated in their night vision goggles so it gave them a clear path to follow. The searchers reached him in a few minutes and he was in good condition. He was bundled off for a medical check before being released to his relieved parents. Click Here to see video of the operation.