Kellen Westman

Flight Date: April 01, 2014
Flight School: Centennial Flight Centre
Flight Instructor: Kevin Aalders

Message:My first solo day started with 3 dual circuits and finished with one alone. This was not a surprise request from the instructor, but rather something planned earlier that week. And while I definitely did have to take a deep breath before applying full power for take off, it was not overly nerve-wracking as many people seem to describe. The real magic here wasn’t  so much in the first solo but in the second the next night. On the following day the TAF promised nothing nice, however I headed to the school anyhow with the hopes that the weather would break and and allow some circuits. Weather turned out to be literally perfect, and I flew 10 more circuits all alone without another airplane in sight. That 60 minutes of air time was probably the most relaxing and rewarding experiences I have had for a very long time.