Langley Top Female-Friendly Airport

Langley ‘Most Female-Friendly Airport’

Young participants in Langley's WOAW event show the appropriate response.
Young participants in Langley’s WOAW event show the appropriate response.

Langley B.C. has been named the Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide after hosting a tremendously popular event for Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW) in early March.

Under the direction of Kirsten Brazier, the airport’s Fly It Forward Challenge event introduced 1,310 girls and women to flying and attracted a total of more than 6,000 people to the airport.

“Leading more than 200 volunteers, Brazier coordinated a record setting 1,310 first flights, which makes the Langley Regional Airport, the Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide in 2014, and makes Brazier, the winner of the Event Organizer Contest’s $1,000 prize,” said WOAW leader Mireille Goyer.

Canadian participation was high with events across the country. Lachute, PQ came third in the airport category with a Victoria, Texas, airport taking the runner up title.

This was the fourth WOAW celebration and featured 96 events on four continents. A total of 5307 girls and women had their first flights in small aircraft as part of the overall goal of showing them that aviation is available and attainable as a hobby or a vocation.

“Changing perceptions and sparking vocations is the goal of the week. The Fly It Forward Challenge encourages entrants to offer girls and women with no prior connection with the industry, an opportunity to try various aviation activities, hands-on,” Goyer said.