Keystone Air Grounded

No one was seriously hurt in the crash of a Navajo in Thompson, Manitoba.
Keystone Air has been grounded after this accident in Manitoba.

Transport Canada has suspended the operating licence of Winnipeg-based Keystone Air over safety concerns.

“This is a severe action that the department only takes when we identify serious safety deficiencies and must act to protect the public’s safety,” said spokesperson Sean Best. “Keystone Air Service may not resume commercial air service until it demonstrates to Transport Canada that it is in full compliance with aviation safety regulations.”

The suspension came after an accident in which a Keystone Navajo made an off airport landing after being misfueled on Sept. 15.

All eight people walked away from the crash and Transport Canada confirmed the accident was caused by the wrong fuel being put in the aircraft but an investigation proceeded and the airline didn’t do well.

“Transport Canada conducted a post-accident inspection that focused on the company’s operational control and quality assurance systems,” said Best. “In aviation, an effective operational control system ensures that a company’s day-to-day actions are compliant with safety requirements for things such as, for example, pilot training and the dispatching of staff as well as aircraft.

“Because Keystone Air Services posed an immediate and significant threat to aviation safety, Transport Canada took swift and firm action to protect the public.”