KF Aerospace Buys Mosquito For Museum

KF Aerospace has announced it has acquired one of the few flying De Havilland Mosquito bombers for its Centre of Excellence now under construction in Kelowna, B.C. The Mosquito in question is a former Spartan Air Services survey aircraft that was restored by Victoria Air Maintenance over a five year period ending with the first flight in June of 2014. The Centre For Excellence bought the Mossie from Bob Jens, the owner of the Million Air FBO at Vancouver International Airport.

The aircraft underwent a complete restoration that incorporated almost all of the structure of the original aircraft. It had been modified for aerial survey work so was missing its bomb bay doors. Those were supplied by a New Zealand firm that builds new Mosquito parts. The Mossie will join a DC-3 that KF Aerospace founder Barry Lapointe flew around the world to promote Expo 86 in Vancouver and a Hawker Tempest that KF is restoring in Kelowna.