Lancair IVP – Suspected Aircraft Engine Turbulence Topples Aircraft

C-GSQQ, a privately operated Lancair IVP aircraft, was conducting a flight from Fort Myers/Buckingham Field, FL (FL59) to Sebring Regional, FL (KSEF) with one pilot and 3 passengers on board. The pilot-in-command reported that, after an uneventful landing on Runway 01 at KSEF, the aircraft continued to the end of the runway, and then turned left onto Taxiway A4. At that time, the pilot noticed a Boeing B737, which was facing to the south, with the left engine cowling removed.
The pilot did not notice any indication that either engines were operating, so the pilot proceeded in a westerly direction with no aileron control input.
Suddenly, the left wing lifted up and the right wing contacted the ground. The airplane cartwheeled and came to rest in grass, upright, at the north edge of the taxiway, facing north. The nose landing gear fork and wheel assembly separated.
Reportedly at the time, the B737 was performing engine(s) run(s). The NTSB is investigating (ERA18LA117).