Lancair Legacy – Aborted Takeoff – Tire Fire


N2AA, a privately owned Lancair Legacy amateur built aircraft, was flying VFR from Maniwaki, QC (CYMW) to Ottawa / Carp, ON (CYRP) with 1 pilot and 1 passenger on board. During the takeoff run from CYMW, the aircraft was slow to respond and the pilot made the decision to abort the take-off. Following the intensive braking due to a downhill slope, the aircraft stopped at the end runway.
While taxiing back to the beginning of the runway , the pilot found that the aircraft was pulling left and the brakes were no longer working. The aircraft went off the runway and stopped in the ditch on the side of the runway, damaging the blade tips of the propeller. The pilot discovered that the tires were on fire and immediately extinguished the fire with the on-board fire extinguisher.
There were no injuries.