Large Private GA Airport Proposed In Ontario

A private investor or group is proposing an ambitious GA airport development just east of Barrie, Ontario. The effort is calling itself New Aerodrome Ontario 2021 and the contact person for the application to Transport Canada is Mauro Marchioni, a Vaughan, Ont. attorney. The investor or investors wants to build two paved all-weather 3250-foot runways, all the necessary taxiways and ramp area, a 400-500 square metre clubhouse and also develop hangars and commercial space on a tract of land in the town of Georgina. Town officials said on their Web site that they became aware of the proposal when the investor posted a sign on the property.

The new airport is designed to “support the local and regional economy by offering year-round services to the small and medium sized recreational, private, charter and business aviation community” according to the information provided to Transport Canada to allow public comment. The comment period expired on Dec. 22. The organization wants to start construction in 2022 and have the project completed by 2025.