Last Buff’s Museum Appearance Hits Turbulence

The last CT-155 Buffalo in the RCAF’s inventory  was destined for Canada’s national aviation museum but the Canada Aviation and Space Museum may not accept it. The Buff, which has toiled for the Air Force for 55 years, was chosen by the Air Force for that place of honour but someone apparently didn’t check with the museum. It seems Ingenium, the organization that oversees the federal government’s three science and technology-related museums in Ottawa, has a moratorium on new acquisitions at the Rockcliffe Airport-based museum and it’s not about to just open up a space for one of the military’s most iconic and beloved airframes.

“The final decision is made by a majority vote of the acquisition committee which includes Ingenium museum directors, curators and conservation experts,” Ingenium spokesman Philippe Tremblay told the Ottawa Citizen. “Ingenium is currently under a moratorium on collecting, while we relocate the national collection to the new, state-of-the-art storage facility.” Defence Department spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said all the other Buffs have been given away except for one that will be used for fire training. “We continue to explore all options for CC115452 and will make a decision in the coming weeks,” Le Bouthillier added.