Long Taxi

March 19/14-As the privately operated, float-equipped Cessna 180C (C-GIOK) touched down in Bourgoyne Bay (Saltspring Island, BC) a gust of wind lifted the left wing and the right wing struck the water. Approximately 4 feet of the outboard wing was torn off, including the wingtip and half of the aileron, and the remaining wing skins were wrinkled. Neither occupant was injured and the aircraft was taxied 11 nm back to the Pat Bay water aerodrome(CAP5). This aircraft (serial number 50818), previously registered as C-FFWY, was involved in two similar accidents (A11P0093 and A93P0228). Both accidents involved loss of control on takeoff and one wing striking the water. Both accidents caused substantial damage, and the more recent accident (03 June 2011) also resulted in the aircraft overturning and sinking.