Lynx Air Tickets On Sale Jan. 19

Lynx Air, “Canada’s new ultra-affordable airline” has announced it will start selling tickets on Jan. 19 but it won’t be announcing destinations or schedule until then. The Calgary-based company, formerly known as Enerjet, will fly Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in a truly no-frills service that aims to take market share from a burgeoning budget sector in Canada. The aircraft will have 189 seats and most will have the 29-30-inch seat pitch common in the economy sections of established carriers and there will also be extra-legroom seats with up to 34 inches of pitch. There will be no in-flight entertainment.
The airline is launching its ticket sale drive with a contest in which winners will get free flights. There will be two grand prizes of one free round trip flight per month for a year and there will be five other winners of free round trip flights. The company announced earlier that it would be starting service with domestic flights and add international destinations later.