Mackenzie Mountain Aviation – Cessna U206G – Pilot Incapacitated


C-GOLM, a Cessna U206G aircraft operated by Mackenzie Mountain Aviation, was on a VFR flight from Fort Nelson, BC (CYYE) to Watson Lake, YT (CYQH). While established in cruise at 6500 feet ASL, the pilot became incapacitated.

The aircraft descended 2500 feet and changed course approximately 270 degrees.

Just prior to contacting a meadow on a ridge at 4000 feet ASL, the pilot was able to pitch the aircraft up enough that the main wheels contacted the meadow first. The aircraft bounced a few times prior to contacting some trees.

The uninjured pilot exited the aircraft and contacted the company using a satellite phone. The pilot stayed with the aircraft overnight and was recovered the following morning by JRCC.