Marvin Kalchman

Flight Date: 11/04/2018
Flight School: Extreme Sport Aviation
Flight Instructor: William Dykie
Comment:I had 30 hours of dual instruction with my CFI and I was supposed to do my solo on the previous outing because I was ready but unfortunately my instructor wasn’t comfortable with what was happening at our aerodrome with quite a number of planes in the circuit and a couple of them were not following procedures.
On our next outing on Sunday November 4, 2018 at 9:00 am with ideal weather conditions with winds between 8-10 knots we did three dual circuits. Just before we were ready to back track on the runway for another circuit my CFI says to me “Ok Marvin, she’s all yours, but please bring her back safely” as he opened the canope and climbed out of the plane. And off I went to do my solo circuit which was flawless. As soon as I landed and rolling down the runway my CFI came on the radio and congratulated me and then there was another CFI with another school and he congratulated me as well. As I came around expecting me to go back to the hangar my CFI got on the radio and told me to do an encore circuit which I did and which was also flawless. After I stopped the plane at the hangar my CFI told me that he had recorded the event from inside the cockpit.