Modern Cockpit For Old Workhorse

Innovators keep finding new ways to increase both the longevity and utility of the Boeing 737-200 and Mid Canada Mod Center has brought one of the classic airliners into the modern age of avionics. The company has put a modern glass panel in the 50-year-old aircraft, a combi version that has a big cargo door to allow freight to be carried instead of passengers or a combination of both. “The core of this mod involved replacing the existing and now obsolete legacy HSI/ADI suite with four large format flat panel integrated smart displays and associated control panels,” the company said in a news release. “The EFI-890R Advanced Flight Display from Universal Avionics selected and incorporated into this update offers flexibility as a stand-alone Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multi-Function Display (MFD).”

The aircraft in question is a lifeline for northern communities because of its unique ability to operate from gravel runways. Boeing offered modifications on the original Baby Boeing to give it this ability and it hasn’t been matched since. That’s resulted in numerous upgrades and modifications to the noisy, gas-guzzling turbojet that was long ago retired by most airlines. But Boeing hasn’t offered the gravel kit on anything since the 200 but there are a few more modern jets that can operate from unimproved runways.