Flight Date: 11/26/2016
Flight School: Durham flight Centre
Flight Instructor: Tony Kaminskyj
Comment:I was over 50 years old when I did my solo. I was really feed up driving over 120km for each hours of my flight training with a busy job.

The landing part was a bit difficult and a bit disappointing basically due to the instruction techniques of my former very young instructors. Both younger instractors likes to take over the controls rather than teach me the correct techniques. But after I switch to Tony he sent me solo after two hours of dual by showing me the correct techniques.

While driving to oshawa, on that day, I said to myself that if I don’t go solo on this day I will quit my training. That is it. I will quit. However my dual landings were so perfect and my instructor get out and sent me solo since he was confident. My heart was not really beating since I had lots of dual circuits and landing. I was very excited on my perfect approach but ballooned a bit since the plane was lighter. It wasn’t a excellent landing but I was so excited for my solo. It really saved me from quitting. Thanks to my great instructor Tony who really gave me good techniques and his confidence on me. I wouldn’t get my PPL if I didn’t switched to Tony and quit my PPL long ago. Thanks again Tony!