Nav Canada Sets Standard

Nav Canada has implemented new separation standards at Calgary International Airport that will allow simultaneous arrivals on parallel runways and increased use of continuous descent approaches. The RNP-AR EoR (Established on RNP) standard will result in less noise, less fuel burned and more efficient operations at YYC. “EoR is a major leap forward in terms of how we manage and integrate traffic and offers significant potential for our major airports,” says Blake Cushnie, National Manager, Performance Based Operations. “The standard builds on the benefits inherent in RNP-AR navigation technologies such as shorter flight paths and flying times  ̶  reducing fuel burn, greenhouse gas emissions and noise.”

The Calgary implementation is a world first for new ICAO separation standards and will allow curving approaches, even allowing aircraft to cross the flightpath of the near runway on its way to landing on the far runway. “All of us at NAV CANADA are excited to be the first in the world to leverage the new ICAO standard in the way we have,” says Cushnie. “The milestone is a global one for our dedicated operations staff in Edmonton and Calgary, our PBN deployment team and our industry partners here in Canada and across the globe.