New Ontario Airline Announced

A new airline that appears to be the reincarnation of defunct regional carrier Air Georgian is hoping to be serving Waterloo, Ottawa, Windsor and Montreal within the next few months. Brock Henderson, the former VP of Operations Control at Air Georgian, is now the VP of Operations Control at Pivot Airlines, which announced its intentions last week. Henderson told Global News Pivot  is a “new company which draws from a legacy of 25 years as a partner carrier for two different Canadian major airlines.”

Air Georgian ceased operations in May of 2020 after losing the contract to provide regional airline service for Air Canada in Ontario, Quebec, the northern U.S. and Alberta and sold its assets to Pivot, which is made up of the same executives that ran Air Georgian. Henderson said that tickets for flights on the initial schedule will range between $90 and $250 and they’re already looking at expanding to destinations recently dropped by Air Canada and also to U.S. destinations in the future. “Pivot is finalizing the routes, dates and schedule over the coming month,” he said. “We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as students return to school and expect that we will have the required predictability to commence service within the next few months.”