New UAS Rules Published

New rules for UAS operation have been published.
New rules for UAS operation have been published.

Transport Canada has published the advisory circular laying out the liberalization of rules on the commercial use of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

As expected, two exemptions allow restricted use of very small (less than two kg.) and small (up to 25 kg.) in uncontrolled Canadian airspace.

In general, line-of-sight operations in rural areas at least five nautical miles from airports can be carried out without direct oversight by Transport Canada.

The exemptions appear to create one of the most liberal regulatory regimes for UAS operations in the world and TC said as much in its news release.

“Transport Canada today introduced two new exemptions that make it easier for businesses to fly small unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) safely and legally,” the news release said.

There are myriad details, however, and the AC does not by any means give carte blanche to UAS operations.

And for those who run afoul of the many restrictions contained in the AC, penalties range as high as $25,000.

Also, while no licencing is required, those flying the larger UASs must complete a course on the “required knowledge” of airspace, air law and general flight rules released by TC in September.