New Victoria Taxiway Unusable

Aircraft are unable to use a new taxiway extension at Victoria International Airport because an obstruction blocks the view of part of the taxiway. Taxiway Echo was lengthened in a $4.3 million project in 2019 to serve the full length of Runway 09/27. It previously ended at 1,250 feet west of the eastern end of the runway. That meant aircraft departing on 27 had to taxi on the runway to the end. Arrivals on 09 that missed the intersection had to backtrack to clear the runway. During peak times, the taxiing and backtracking has caused delays. But while the new asphalt is ready, the lack of a clear line of sight from the tower for part of the new extension has made it unusable and the runway taxiing and backtracking is still necessary.

A closed circuit television system has been proposed by Nav Canada but the Victoria Airport Authority told Victoria Citified the closed circuit television system would be costly and couldn’t be done for months because the ground is too wet to build on at this time of year. The airport authority is suggesting an unspecified “procedural change” would avoid the television expense and get the taxiway in use but so far Nav Canada is sticking with the television plan.