NOTAM Format Changing

Nav Canada will radically change the format of NOTAMs on Oct.10 as it moves to the standardized ICAO format. In a news release, the company said the ICAO format is used by most countries and the new format is a step toward more efficient pre-flight and in-flight briefings. “One important difference in the new ICAO NOTAM format from the current one is that NOTAMs will be geographically-referenced, rather than based on NOTAM Files. NOTAMs for an aerodrome will no longer be connected to another aerodrome’s NOTAM File,” the company said. “Instead, users will be able to search for NOTAMs by entering an Aerodrome ID, NAVAID, FIR, or geographic coordinates, with an optional desired radius around these points of interest. They will also be able to enter a flight route and receive all NOTAMs which geographically intersect the route.”

Finding NOTAMs will also change. A new Web site called the Nav Canada Collaborative Flight Planning Services site will be established and NOTAMs will appear under the Weather tab. A more detailed description is here