Our New Logo

This issue heralds the introduction of a new logo and design for Canadian Aviator publications. While we are proud of the previous one, we felt it was time for an update. 

Efforts were made to keep some elements of the previous logo. “We wanted to continue waving our Canadian flag, depicted in the logo by a paper airplane-like maple leaf,” said Canadian Aviator’s new graphic designer Janice Hildybrant. The forward slant of the logo also represents our effort to be forward-looking.

“While we didn’t stray too far from our well-established brand, the new logo is bold and distinctive,” added Hildybrant. “It will be instantly recognizable on the newsstand and looks equally great on digital platforms. This makeover was a fun challenge, and I hope readers enjoy the result!”

Concurrent with the magazine’s design update was a similar treatment to our online bookstore, The Aviator’s Bookshelf (aviatorsbookshelf.ca).

Let us know your reaction – a letter to the editor would be appreciated.