Pizzas Ease Ramp Delay

Flying anywhere in Canada in winter can be a crap shoot and when circumstances piled up on Halifax-bound passengers last week, their captain made sure they were fed. The unidentified Air Canada skipper bought 23 pizzas for his charges after they diverted to Fredericton because of bad weather and a runway incident at Halifax. It took a total of eight hours to get the A320 from Toronto to the final destination but the above and beyond attitude of the crew made it much more tolerable in the back.

Among those on the flight was Halifax city councillor Bill Karsten who said the unexpected service began with a delay at the gate in Toronto. “He walked entirely down the length of the plane just to make sure we knew what was going on and whatnot, before departing to Halifax. So I think the mood was set, in reality, by the great work of the captain,” Karsten told the CBC.