Plane Crash Mystery In B.C.

Authorities in B.C. have been looking for a week for a missing airplane that apparently crashed in plain sight. Crews responded to a report from a witness who said a plane crashed into the Fraser River in Maple Ridge at 1 p.m. There was no sign of the aircraft and initially no reports of missing or overdue aircraft. Later that day, officials at Boundary Bay Airport confirmed there was an overdue aircraft similar to the one reported by the witness with two people onboard but that the flight plan didn’t include going to that area of the Lower Mainland.

By Wednesday, searchers were using sonar equipment to look for any sign of a wreck or the occupants but came up empty and by Thursday the police were remaining tightlipped about the plane or its occupants. “At this time we have not confirmed who was involved in the plane crash and to date the plane has not been located,” said Const. Julie Klaussner with Ridge Meadows RCMP. “We cannot assume the plane reported as crashing into the Fraser River here in Maple Ridge [and Langley] is the same plane as the Boundary Bay plane until we find the plane itself or find evidence to support it,” Klaussner noted.