Privately Owned BushCaddy R-80 Basic Ultra-light – Forced Landing – Flipped

C-IMTN, a privately operated CLASS BushCaddy R-80 Basic Ultra-light aircraft, departed from South Cariboo/108 Mile, BC (CZML) on a local VFR flight with 2 persons on board. Approximately 25 minutes after the departure, the pilot observed the engine (Subaru series) oil pressure and electrical voltage indications fluctuating.

The pilot and the passenger, who was also a pilot, elected to shut the engine down and performed a forced landing in a field along the VFR route, 30 nm South East of Williams Lake, BC (CYWL).

The field turned out to be saturated with water, causing the tailwheel aircraft to come to an abrupt stop, and overturned. Both occupants were wearing a four point seat restraint
system, and were not injured. However, the aircraft received substantial damage.

Reportedly, the alternator belt had recently been replaced. The RCMP and Air Traffic Area ControlCenter Shift Manager were advised.