Privately Owned – Cessna 180 – Landing Mishap – Aircraft Destroyed


C-GLBW, a privately registered Cessna 180 aircraft, was enroute from North Battleford, SK (CYQW) to Moosomin/Marshall McLeod Field, SK (CJB5) with the pilot and one passenger on board. As the pilot flared the aircraft before touchdown on Runway 08 at CJB5, the aircraft dropped to the runway and bounced. The pilot elected to go around and applied full power. The aircraft veered to the right, and attempts to control the turn were unsuccessful. The aircraft continued to bank to the right and, as the pilot was about to regain control, the right wing struck the ground. The aircraft contacted the terrain and spun around.

Both occupants had their seat belts and shoulder harnesses on and received minor injuries.

However, the aircraft was destroyed. The ELT did not activate and there was no fire. The wind was reported to be from the east at 15 knots, gusting to 25 knots on the runway heading.