RNP Approaches Coming To Pearson

NavCanada has opened comments on its plans to make significant changes to the airspace around Pearson Airport in Toronto. The company intends to introduce Required Navigation Performance-Authorization Required (RNP-AR) on Runway 05/23, one of the airport’s five runways. The new system will allow tightened curved approaches to both ends of the runway. The goal is to reduce noise and carbon emissions by getting aircraft on the ground more efficiently. It’s not clear what impact, if any, the changes will have on GA traffic.

NavCanada says the shorter and more direct routing, plus the use of continuous descents will cut the noise and pollution over populated areas considerably. “The reductions in greenhouse gases and noise impacts, coupled with fuel costs savings for our airline customers, are notable and supportive of an environmentally responsible recovery from COVID-19,” said NavCanada CEO Raymond Bohn.