Saskatoon Tries to Restrict Drones

Unmanned Systems Canada has warned the City of Saskatoon it’s meddling in regulations outside its mandate and jurisdiction by trying to restrict drone use in the city. Last Monday the city passed a bylaw which states that “No person shall fly a remotely piloted aircraft in, on or above property owned by the city, or leased by the city, or under the jurisdiction and control of the city, except as permitted by the city.” It set fines as $2,000 for individuals and $5,000 for corporations violating the bylaw.

In a letter to the city, Unmanned Systems reminded council members that the federal government has sole jurisdiction over airspace and any conviction would be easily challenged in court. The city could stop pilots from launching or landing drones from city property but the airspace above is federal jurisdiction. “It creates issues in terms of confusing operators for what is actually required to be able to operate within the city,” Kate Klassen, a director of Unmanned Systems Canada, told Global News.