Search and Rescue Exercise in Labrador

A Griffon helicopter takes off to participate in SAREX 14.
A Griffon helicopter takes off to participate in SAREX 14.

SAREX 2014 is under way in Newfoundland and Labrador and the combined military and civilian exercise is testing the abilities of the search and rescue system.

RCAF, Civilian Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) volunteers along with local officials are conducting realistic scenarios and deploying as if the emergencies are real.

5 Wing at Goose Bay is hosting the exercise and the rugged terrain of the area provides plenty of opportunity for realistic training. “5 Wing is unique in that it offers excellent infrastructure to support SAREX participants while being in close proximity to Labrador’s environmental realities to challenge them,” said Lt. Col. Luc Sabourin, the CO of 5 Wing.

The exercise will expose participants to land, air and water-based search and rescue scenarios with CASARA volunteers fulfilling their normal search and support roles. There are four CASARA aircraft involved.

The RCAF is participating with Hercules and Buffalo fixed wing aircraft and Griffon and Cormorant helicopters.