Snowbirds Do Raincheck Show

The Snowbirds gave up a day off to perform a raincheck show for Stratford, ON.
The Snowbirds gave up a day off to perform a raincheck show for Stratford, ON.

By Ken Lin

Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the CF-18 demo team were scheduled to perform at the airshow at Stratford Airport in Southern Ontario this past Wednesday, unfortunately heavy downpour forced the airshow to be cancelled to the disappointment of the fans and organizers.

While the CF-18 team had to travel to their next show-site in the U.S., the Snowbirds Team did had a rare few personal days off prior to their next airshow, so on their own initiative, the Snowbirds made arrangements to delay their return to home base in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and stayed an extra day to see if a “make-up” show can be flown on Thursday for the folks at Stratford.

Although the weather condition was still not ideal on Thursday, fortunately the rain held off and the cloud ceiling remained high enough, allowing the Snowbirds to perform their “Flat Show” in fornt of the folks who came out braving the cool temperature and risk of rain.

An autographing session at the airport followed the aerial performance, with folks young and old lined up for over an hour to get their posters signed by the Snowbirds members.

The organizers of the show was ecstatic and extremely grateful for the selflessness and generosity shown by the Snowbirds, who collectively gave up a personal day off in order to put on this show, exemplifying and demonstrating the Canadian Forces members going beyond their call of duty when carrying out their missions.